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Hollow Forest: The tumblr: The movie

“ crystalzelda:
“ ameliaelizabeth:
“ TIME’s new cover makes me so mad I could write essays about it, but instead I’m going to keep job hunting since in today’s world a university degree means nothing and therefore like much of my...




TIME’s new cover makes me so mad I could write essays about it, but instead I’m going to keep job hunting since in today’s world a university degree means nothing and therefore like much of my generation, I’m stuck choosing between minimum wa ge jobs and internships that I can’t afford to accept in an attempt to pay off my tens of thousands of dollars worth of student debt.

I’d be interested in reading this article to see exactly what makes us entitled and lazy. Are we lazy because more of us are completing high school and going to college than ever before? Are we entitled because our standard of living is declining? Do we live with our parents because we’re too slothful to leave or is because our education costs are getting steeper and steeper while we’re getting less and less aid?

Tell us, Time Magazine, about how we’re narcissistic little slugs when we’re faced with an economic crisis that resulted in a lowering of our standard of living, an increase in tuition costs and how when we get out of our very expensive schools, more and more of us are going to end up working minimum wage jobs. 

I also want to note that it’s really frustrating that the face of “lazy, entitled narcissism” is a young woman.

it depends on who you ask. some people would say that things like the occupy movement symbolized a very genteel mode of “revolution” that was never intended to rock the boat, and that the face of social activism has become liking and cooing at symptoms without working to excise the cause. some people would say that the fact that the fact that the people who force the state of affairs described above on us are still breathing is a symbol of our complacency

but i suspect that those people are not time’s editors.

“ The big one is called moon;
The small ones are called stars;


The big one is called moon;

The small ones are called stars;


Ryan Gosling won’t eat his cereal (x)

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 RaidenMetal Gear Rising: Revengeance
Cosplay - Hiroshi 

looks like it’s time for jack to let ‘er rip

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late-night deciphering of why i think boiling naoto down to the ARE THEY A BOY OR A GIRL question and completely removing that character’s voice from the discussion is gross

it is very gross and grosser, imo, because the devs did it themselves

May 8

Who I want in All star Battle that was not in the leaked roster


Part 1: Tarkus, Bruford

Part 2: Stroheim, Santana

Part 3: None

Part 4: Yuuya, Yukako, Shigichi, Keicho Nijimura

Part 5: None

Part 6: Dio’s Sons

Part 7: Ringo Roadagain, Wekapipo, Hot Pants, Megenta Magenta, Mike O

Part 8: Joshuu Higashikata

One can only hope either the leaked roster was fake or DLC….

can i put in like, negative part 5 characters?

because i mean part 5 had some decent stands but come the hell on

also seriously if yukako and stroheim aren’t in this game i’m gonna flip

May 8

Souls weighed down by gravity: friendlycloud: itsbeifongbitch: the next time someone talks about how...



the next time someone talks about how women shouldn’t be involved in battle i’m just going to scream the names of female historical figures who kicked ass on the battlefield

“men are naturally mo-“


“but women have weake-“


i was actually about to cite miss pavlichenko. vietnam also has a long history of female soldiers dating back to the trung sisters, who were (supposedly. the history around them is pretty sketchy) instrumental in freeing vietnam from chinese rule. women also fought in the vietcong during the vietnam war.

see, it’s a difficult subject because on the one hand women were generally only allowed to fight because of the incredible desperation of the situation, but it’s undeniable that they distinguished themselves when they did.

a lot of them died

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May 6


*unzips pants*




aw yeah zach

May 5

Nullification: How States Are Making It a Felony to Enforce Federal Gun Laws



In mid-April, Kansas passed a law asserting that federal gun regulations do not apply to guns made and owned in Kansas. Under the law, Kansans could manufacture and sell semi-automatic weapons in-state without a federal license or any federal over sight.

Kansas’ “Second Amendment Protection Act” backs up its states’ rights claims with a penalty aimed at federal agents: when dealing with “Made in Kansas” guns, any attempt to enforce federal law is now a felony. Bills similar to Kansas’ law have been introduced in at least 37 other states. An even broader bill is on the desk of Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell. That bill would exempt any gun owned by an Alaskan from federal regulation. In Missouri, a bill declaring federal gun laws “null and void” passed by an overwhelming majority in the state house, and is headed for debate in the senate.

Mobilizing the pre-Civil-War doctrine of “nullification,” these bills assert that Congress has overstepped its ability to regulate guns — and that states, not the Supreme Court, have the ultimate authority to decide whether a law is constitutional or not.

The head of the Kansas’s State Rifle Association, an  affiliate of the National Rifle Association, says sh e put the bill together and found it a sponsor. While the NRA regularly lauds passages of states’ gun-rights laws, it stayed silent on Kansas’ law, and, so far, has kept a low profile on nullification. (The group did not respond to our requests for comment.)

Many observers see nullification bills as pure political theater, “the ultimate triumph of symbolism over substance,” as UCLA law Professor Adam Winkler put it.  He said he doubts the laws will ever be enforced, and, if they are, expects them to be struck down by the courts. 

Winkler and others say nullification laws violate the Constitution, which makes federal law “the supreme law of the land…anything in the Constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding.” Indeed, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder wrote a letter last week to Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback, asserting that Kansas’ law is “unconstitutional.” (Brownback, who signed the bill into law, did not immediately respond to our requests for comment.) 

But the growing number of such bills — which have passed by large majorities in at least one chamber of seven state legislatures—highlight the challenge gun control advocates face in their attempt to fight for gun regulation at the state level.

It also shows how nullification is fast becoming a mainstream option for state politicians. In Pennsy lvania, 76 state legislators signed on to sponsor a measure that would invalidate any new federal ban of certain weapons or ammunition. The bill would impose a minimum penalty of one year in prison for federal agents who attempt to enforce any new law.

lol nullification

to be fair, the recent history of american-made guns strongly suggests that any “made in kansas” gun would probably be a slingshot with a picatinny rail

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May 4