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Trusted Psychic Mediums. The Knight of Swords tarot is the card that represents being headstrong and opinionated. The Knight of Swords tarot is depicted as a young man in full battle suit, his sword raised while riding a white horse and charging into battle. Above him, the skies look dark and stormy, and the trees nearby are being battered by rough winds. The young man is hell-bent on the attack and he does not worry about what harm may befall him upon reaching the field of battle. The Knight of Swords tarot symbolizes great ambition, tenacity, and strength. Just like the Eight of Wands , once you have set your sights on a goal, there is no stopping you until you achieve it!

What does the Knight of Swords card mean in Tarot?

Knight of Swords Tarot card. If you or someone close to you is represented by the Knight of Swords, beware. It is symbolic of a forceful personality, one which combines zealous dedication to success with razor-sharp intellect. However, whether in the form of a companion or your own inner nature, these same attributes can give rise to a formidable enemy.

When it refers instead to your circumstances, the Knight suggests you are headed for turbulent times, which can be most successfully faced with decisive action on your part. The desire for change has been strengthening inside of you.

There is a quiet stillness that is present in the Four of Swords, Here, in a church​, there is a carving of a knight that lies upon a tomb with three swords You may be trying too hard to impress someone, or have been dating.

They are the kind of person though who is in a strength and pushes the dating or his person on. She may tarot to ask him to go slower or arrange proper appointments in advance! I’d say that yes, she will definitely meet someone! Someone that might come out of nowhere or feels arriving from air-strength? So crossing my fingers for your strength who may just meet a tall, dark advice from a person country.

I see this as a yes! The knight of swords is a ace of truth. Will he ask her out? Yes he will.

Timing Events Using Tarot and Astrology

We sat and ate and drank and talked for hours, both of us laying out our cards, figuratively and literally. In late October when the card was first flipped, I was on the No Shopping Challenge, was recuperating from a violent blast of illness, and was preparing for a dark winter. I needed to toughen up. Being tough got me through winter. It gets me TeleWonderWoman-ing through massive anxiety and fear. My core is habitually solid and habitually happy.

Ace of Swords Tarot Card Meaning. If you are just starting out dating someone he or she is probably thinking about you a Ace of Swords and Knight of Cups.

Learn how to apply timing to your tarot readings using the traditional method that uses the tarot suits and numerology to the more complex astrological associations refined by the Golden Dawn. Follow seven colour coded tables and a colourful card wheel image that presents the information clearly including discussion around them that explain points you may be unfamiliar with. Finally, for simplicity, and ease of access, I have combined all the information into one table allowing you to look up any of the cards in your tarot spread for an idea of timing those events.

As twelve of the 22 major arcana cards are associated with zodiac signs, their relatively fixed date positions help us with exacting time periods. It becomes a little trickier when we are left with the seven planets of ancient astrology and the primordial elements to help us time events in tarot readings, but as you will see, there is a way to derive timing from the Planetary Trumps.

Begin your journey into tarot timing with Traditional Timing and progress to the next table down the list, and so on, until you reach the final table, named after this post: Timing Events Using Tarot and Astrology. It can touch on the zodiac signs for timing associated with the relevant major arcana cards.

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A hand is coming forth out of a cloud holding a mighty sword. The sword pierces a king’s crown in which there is an olive branch to the left representing peace, and a palm, to the right, representing misery. These two polar opposites balance the crown. An olive branch is symbolically feminine, while the palm is symbolically masculine.

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Knights represent the active element of their suit, and this one, the Knight of Swords, is the most active of them all. Knights are ruled by the element of air, and so is the suit of swords. The Knight of Swords rides his white horse at breakneck speed across the landscape. He wears armor topped by a deep orange cloak embroidered with perching birds. The Knight holds a sword aloft in his right hand. His mouth is open as if screaming a battle cry.

Fool’s Journey: Those Hard, Sharp Swords are Symbols of Your Courage and Strength

Skip navigation! So when I was invited to get a tarot reading from the psychic Antphrodite , famous on streaming site Twitch I was in. What better way to learn more about tarot than to go straight to the pros?

Knight of Swords’s key themes are conflict, destruction, domineering, loss, unexpected. Find out more!

The Knight of Swords shows a fierce, well-dressed, ironclad, ready-for-any-fight type of knight with a raised sword, darting into the heart of action on his equally fierce horse. The card symbolizes the type of masculine energy that is ready for some big action. He is motivated and driven, heading right into the core of a problem. He is either going to war, or he is on his way to save a damsel in distress. If he is en route to saving a damsel, chances are he has never even seen a fire-spitting dragon!

What matters is that this person needs to stop and review his plans before signing any contracts, making further plans, or making promises to other people about the outcomes. If you just got offered a new job, make sure you negotiate the terms in detail. Take the time to understand every clause; talk to a lawyer if you can. If this is about starting a new business, a merger or an acquisition, take the extra time to understand the details — both written and implied.

If you want to open a savings account, start a retirement plan etc. Sometimes being single is okay!

King of Swords Description and Symbolism

I see this as he will, but it may be on a whim and unexpected. So one answer is: Originally Posted by beekie. Originally Posted by LeFou. He could be one of those guys who doesn’t formally ask her out. He just shows up when she’s disheveled and not prepared and expects her to go to his place to “watch movies”. He doesn’t realize that women like to be treated as special and woo’d a little bit, especially at first.

Knight of Swords Using Tarot Cards. After a month of dating, the relationship felt so right that they decided to get married. And have been.

All rights reserved. Privacy Policy. Contact us. The cards have spiritual significance to me. If the Devil card comes up, I treat it as a little warning. If the Tower card comes up, then maybe something is wrong in my life. It’s always a joy when the Lovers card comes up.

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The Tarot suit of Swords is typically associated with the element of air, and is a suit that often indicates power, change, and conflict. If you see a lot of Swords in a reading, it can mean that the querent is seeking solutions to problems related to internal or external struggles, as well as the need for solid and firm decision-making. Let’s take a look at what the individual Sword cards mean when they appear right side up or in reverse.

Because Swords are typically associated with conflict and discord, when the Ace shows up, it’s usually a sign of victory.

The outcome was Knight of Swords, but I really didn’t know what to tell her. This card is reoccurring, I see him as someone who is determined.

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The Knight of Swords b

They can be thought of as the Captains of their element, in this case Air , led by their leader The Charioteer who is warlord of all the elements. As The Chariot is card number 7 of the Major Arcana we can assign any Knight a numerological attribute of 7 by proxy. The positive numerological traits of the number 7 are rest, inaction, planning, analysing and waiting.

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I’m a professional tarot reader with 20 years of experience. For me, tarot is a fascinating system that reflects all human life. Tarot is renowned for giving in-depth advice for relationship issues. But what if you simply want a quick answer? What if your issue can be reduced to a yes or a no? Well, tarot cards are good for that too.

So if you have a question about love, get clear in your mind what it is you are asking, grab your deck, and pick out a card. I absolutely love it. There’s no point asking who, when, where, why, or how. You won’t get insight into the circumstances that led up to the current situation

Knight of Swords – Tarot Card