Видео: Nissan Leaf vs Renault Fluence ZE - DDrive - сравнение электромобилей

Nissan Leaf vs Renault Fluence ZE - DDrive - сравнение электромобилей

Мы продолжаем делать большие, емкие виртуальные тест-драйвы автомобилей. Иногда у нас получается не просто...

"Наши тесты" Mitsubishi I-miev vs Renault Fluence ZE vs Nissan Leaf

Передачи телеканала "Авто Плюс" "Наши тесты" - это знакомство с новым, как правило еще не появившимся на рынке...

Nissan Leaf vs Renault Zoe vs BMW i3 - Which Is The Best Used Electric Car?

The Renault Zoe vs the Nissan Leaf vs the BMW i3. Which of these cars on the used market is best in which category? BMW i3 ...

Hyundai Ioniq Electric, Renault Zoe, Nissan Leaf 30kw, Renault Kangoo Z.E.

Купить Renault Kangoo Z.E. badzingerauto.com +38 (068) 029-88-88 +38 (067) 696-50-30 +38 (097) 029-88-88 +38 (095) ...

Renault Fluence ZE Better Place Battery Disassembly Part 1

Steps and techniques for disassembly of the Better Place Battery Packs.

Still driving the Better Place Renault Fluence ZE EV Electric Vehicle 5 years on

For years of information about this car and my travels with it, see here: http://www.israellycool.com/better-place/

The Renault ZE electric cars tested

Renault's march toward an electric future continues and Bob gets a chance to drive the Fluence ZE on the roads in Ireland.

Наши тесты - Электромобили: Mitsubishi I-miev, Renault ZE, Nissan Leaf

Больше тест-драйвов каждый день - подписывайтесь на канал ...

Tesla Model S vs Renault Zoe - DRAG RACE, BRAKE TEST & RANGE ANXIETY challenge | Expensive vs Cheap

The Tesla Model S P100D is the car that every EV fan dreams of, but the Renault Zoe is the EV that most people can afford.

Renault Fluence ZE review

Our road test of the new Renault Fluence ZE - one of Renault's new electric car range - with a look at the issues facing prospective ...

Renault Fluence ZE electric car - Which? first look review

Which? Car has tried out the Renault Fluence, one of the range of new cars that Renault claims will make motoring far more ...

Renault Fluence saloon review - CarBuyer

Renault Fluence saloon 2014 review: http://bit.ly/1dc4QmH Subscribe to the Carbuyer YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/17k4fct ...

Renault Fluence ZE | Fully Charged

An announcement about the series and a short drive in the Renault Fluence ZE. LIKE Fully Charged on Facebook ...

Renault Fluence ZE acceleration [HD]

testdrive Renault Fluence ZE electro car Performance: top speed 135 km/h acceleration 0-100 km/h in 13,7s.

Обзор срочный автовыкуп Renault Fluence Z E

Предлагаем выкуп авто Renault Fluence Z E в любом состоянии на взаимовыгодных условиях: вы экономите свое время,...

Nissan Leaf VS Renault ZOE — сравнение электромобилей

Сравнительный обзор электромобилей Nissan Leaf и Renault ZOE. Обзор Renault ZOE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUTHiu82ako

The first Irish road test of the Renault Fluence ZE

Renault have released the new Fluence ZE for testing and we were the first ones to get in and take it home. Bob goes though not ...

Renault and Nissan CEO Interview | Fully Charged

CEO of Renault and Nissan, Mr Carlos Ghosn gets a lift in the car he helped bring to market, the Nissan Leaf.

Первый РУССКИЙ тест-драйв Электромобиля Renault Fluence Z.E.

Электромобиль Nissan Leaf в НАЛИЧИИ : http://www.elmob.co/leaf подписывайтесь на новые видео: ...

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