Видео: Onyx Boox Max. First of Onyx 13.3" (Mobius) Eink devices. Video Review

Onyx E Ink Laptop and 10.3" Flexible E Ink Mobius Reader, Onyx Typewriter and Onyx 10.3" Boox Buddy

Onyx BOOX Typewriter has up to 25 days battery life in use (up to 50+ days battery life in standby according to Onyx CEO Kim), ...

Onyx BOOX Max Carta 13.3" Flexible E Ink 2200x1650

Onyx unveils the world's first 13.3" Flexible high-resolution E Ink Carta device, for the first time shown to the public, with an ...

Onyx Boox Max Carta 13.3 2200x1650 and Boox Second Monitor

Segui Notebook Italia per essere informato in anteprima su fiere ed eventi e sugli ultimi tablet, computer portatili, smartphone, ...

$859 Onyx BOOX Max3, 13.3" 450gr E Ink e-reader

BOOX Max3 13.3" E Ink Tablet available now for $859 at https://shop.boox.com/products/boox-max3?afmc=2a&utm_... ...

Onyx Boox Max upgrading Firmware

Just a video showing the upgrading of Firware on the Onyx Boox Max.

How To Use Any Android Ink E-Reader as a Monitor

Use Any E Ink Android E Reader as PC/Laptop Monitor Works on Mac/Windows/Linux -Utilizza qualsiasi E-Inchiostro Android ...

Editing of Text Documents on Onyx Max2

Reviewed by Booxtor available by https://ereader.store https://ereader-store.de Here I am just showing some text editing ability of ...

文石科技 Onyx Boox Max2 開梱動画

文石科技 Onyx Boox Max2 が届いたときに撮った動画 忙しくて放置してました

Onyx Boox M92 Hands-On

Onyx Boox M92 , new ereader from Onyx, that seems to become the best 9,7 E-Ink ereader with Pearl display on the market.

13.3 Ebook reader Upgrade Firmware OnyxBooxmax

Shows the process to upload firmware to Onyx boox max.

Onyx Boox Max. Електрона книга з екраном E Ink Mobius 13,3"

Onyx Boox Max читалка з найбільшим екраном на базі Android від Onyx. Екран E Ink Mobius 13,3" Android 4.0.4 1G ОЗУ ...

Onyx Boox N96ML+

New Onyx boox eReader with 9'7" and Carta screen with Regal refresh function, 16GB internal memory and 1GB RAM.

13.3 Ebook reader Onyx boox Max Newscribbler application update

Video showing the new scribbling application Version released 02 12 2016 1.78.

Onyx is working on a 13.3 inch Mobius e-reader

Sources close to Onyx have disclosed to Good e-Reader that the company is working on a new 13.3 inch e-reader, similar to the ...

Icarus 13.3" Android e-reader

Icarus 13.3" Android e-reader. Shows some of the e-reader functionality (sample product - Indiegogo campaign)

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