Видео: Range test #01 BLADE Chroma 4K 2000M

Blade Chroma Range Extender - thoughts and testing

So, I finally got an IteLite DBS range extender for the Chroma. The end result is that it does work and pretty much doubled the ...

Blade Chroma Drone - Detailed Review

Buy a blade Chroma through Amazon at - http://amzn.to/2dQFYc9 I have had a Chroma for some time now and after putting it ...


My new Blade Chroma 4K drone.

Stability Mode max speed -Blade Chroma™ Camera Drone Quadcopter

Blade Chroma™ Camera Drone Quadcopter 4K - max spped.

ADVENTUREQUEST RC Blade Chroma Camera Drone Test Entertainment Can it Carry an RC Car? Backpack?

First off, I need to apologize for the wind. Does anyone know of a good mic that can assist with removing wind noise? I know this ...


Created with Wondershare Filmora.

Blade Chroma long(ish) range FPV!

Blade Chroma BNF with Suppo OSD, Immersion 600mw vtx, Sony CCD DWDR mini cam, VAS airscrew antenna, receiver ...

Blade Chroma DX6 range test after receiver antenna mod.

Opened it up: From the factory, found the receiver antenna neatly tucked along side and against the main board. Not ideal to say ...

Mavic Pro VS. Blade Chroma - Red Line Stability Test.

I recently added a Mavic pro by Dji into my family of drones (quads). I decided to do some testing with it VS my Blade Chroma.

REVEALED l Best Features 'Horizon Hobby Chroma 4K' But Users Don't Know About This

Other Recent Videos ▷▷ https://t.co/IZr5DFBX8f Subscribe ✓ LIKE ✓ SHARE ▷▷ REVEALED l Best Features 'Horizon Hobby ...

Practicing aerial shots with the Blade Chroma

After seeing a few tutorials here on YT and contemplating the purchase of a new Mavic Air, I thought I would take the old Chroma ...

#1 - first flight and awsome shots {blade chroma}

Description: This is my first flight.

Blade Chroma / Tipps & Tricks Vlog#1 | HD+ | Deutsch

Heute: Der erste TippVlog fürn Blade Chroma viel spaß :) MultikultiLasercs23 jetzt auch auf Facebook!

Blade Chroma über Altdorf

Winter 2018 mit Apermann K4 FHD auflösung.

Нам подарили квадрокоптер Blade Chroma Camera Drone

Случайные интересные видео: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLG79zRvLxh46camP5A... Ребята, нам ...

Опубликовано: 24 Мар 2019

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