Видео: Shattered Union gameplay Episode 14 - America Reunited At Last! CALEXIT Civil War

Shattered Union Episode 1 - The War Begins

The first episode of my New England Alliance playthrough of the 2005 strategy game Shattered Union. This is also the first video ...

Shattered Union Episode 11 - Inching Towards Victory

Another battle, another victory... I am going to start skipping some turns in between episodes though since the battles are starting ...

Shattered Union Episode 12 - War of Attrition

California has finally fallen and the long slog against Pacifica begins... Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/general_coma.

A WAR BETWEEN FRIENDS: Shattered Union Multiplayer

Recorded last Fall. Thanks to Sam. The Shattered Union Series 2 is effectively cancelled.

Shattered Union - NEW WORLD ORDER

Whats to come, more hollywood/game makers telling us where we are headed and how its going to look.

Shattered Union Episode 13 - The End is Nigh

Back with the New England Alliance, the war is almost reaching it's conclusion. Follow me on Twitter: ...

Steam Cleaning - Shattered Union

Even excluding the instability of this game, the mix of much to complex strategy layer with overly simplistic tactical layer results in ...

Operation Shattered Union Promo

Operation Shattered Union War Den Airsoft with S.R.T. is hosting a 6 hour mil sim airsoft event Sat Aug 6th with optional camping ...

Moments Before Shattered Union III

Operation Shattered Union III Hosted at War Den Airsoft with Black Watch and SRT. www.WarDenAirsoft.com Register Early First ...

Operation Shattered Union promo

Operation Shattered Union War Den Airsoft with S.R.T. is hosting a 6 hour mil sim airsoft event Sat Aug 6th with optional camping ...

THE TRUMPENING: Shattered Union(1)

In a world..........where trump and putin take America, and I am a general. LOLZ.

Shattered Union Red Dawn NOV 2018

"Shattered Union is a turn-based tactics video game developed by PopTop Software and published by 2K Games in 2005.

Shattered Union Intro

How I always imagined this country would end.

Shattered Union Hitting Close to Home

2012 I ran across this vid game and it struck me as prophetic.

Shattered Union Episode 3 - Confederacy On The Run

In this episode we finish driving the Confederacy out of the Carolinas and bring the US one step closer to reunification under the ...

Shattered Union IV: Armageddon

Watch as admiral Müller of the United states navy attempts to avenge the onslaught brought on by the axis coalition of China, the ...

Shattered Union - Minor Victory, Good Ending

This is the ending you get in the turn-based strategy game Shattered Union, by Pop Top Software, and 2k Games, if you inflicted ...

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